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Ground Penetrating Radar Systems
Locating Underground Storage Tanks

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems has many different GPR applications to offer. One application that is commonly requested is the location of Underground Storage Tanks. An environmental company needed to do a Geoprobe at a once existing gas station near Memphis, TN. GPRS was able to locate an area where the Underground Storage Tanks exist and also locate all utilities in order to provide an area safe for drilling. Upon request, GPRS can also provide reports, describing the process and explaining the data that we collect. GPRS is a very safe, quick, and effective method of sub-surface investigation.

GPRS Locating Underground Storage Tank

Other services we offer are; Utility location, Rebar Mapping, Post-Tension cable location and more. If GPR services are needed in Tennessee call Dave Schaff at (615) 418-4023 or email at


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