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GPRS Used to Locate Utilities at Aluminum Fabrication Facility - Central TN

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems’ Nashville, TN office was recently contracted by a local environmental company to consult on the location of underground utilities at an aluminum manufacturing facility. Upgrades were being made to the storm water system and it was essential that utilities in the excavation area be located and protected from damage. GPRS mobilized from Nashville, TN to the site and, using both GPR and Radio Detection technology, scanned the area for both known and unknown utilities. Upon scanning, all findings and depths were marked directly on the surface using high visibility marking paint. Multiple electric conduits were located and marked. The fire water line was found to turn via 45-degree angles instead of 90-degree angles. It was discovered that the fire water and natural gas lines run in the same trench through the excavation area. GPRS was also able to confirm the location of several plant-owned process and service utilities, as well as to corroborate location of existing drain lines. With the same day presentation of a job summary, excavation could begin the next day with no delays in work. Additionally, thanks to the reliability of the technology and scanning process, a follow-up report was provided to both the environmental company and manufacturing facility so accurate records could be kept and existing drawings could be corrected and updated.

GPRS uses non-destructive testing equipment to locate utilities, piping, power-lines, underground storage tanks, and grave sites that are unable to be seen. Using GPRS is a safe, cost effective way to make sure you can safely drill or dig and not destroy any underground utilities or determine if USTs exist on a property.

Other services we offer are: Post-Tension Cable Location, Conduit Locating, Rebar Locating, Void Location and more. GPRS is a nation-wide company with local project managers in over 50 cities. If GPR services are needed in Central Tennessee, contact Casey Barefield at 615.418.4023 or For projects in other areas, please click here to contact your local GPRS Project Manager.

Utility Scanning at Industrial Facility - Central TN

Utility Scanning at Industrial Facility - Central TN   GPRS TN Private Utility Scanning



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