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Scanning For Wire Mesh In Metal Pan Decking Slab
- Nashville, Tennessee

Scanning For Wire Mesh In Metal Pan Decking Slab In Nashville, TennesseeGround Penetrating Radar Systems’ Nashville, Tennessee office was able to work with a local contractor to scan for wire mesh in a metal pan decking slab. GPRS was able to safely, accurately, and quickly scan the area and provide the client with a report of the findings. Ground Penetrating Radar is a safe and cost effective way to locate anything from conduits to post-tension cables in a slab without having to halt normal operations.

Other services we offer are; Private Utility Locating, Underground Tank Location, Rebar Locating, Post-Tension Location and more. If GPR services are needed in Nashville, Tennessee call Dave Schaff at 615-418-4023 or email at

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