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Reinforcing Steel and Conduits Located
- Nashville, Tennessee

When a general contractor needed core drill/ anchor multiple holes through an elevated concrete slab at St. Thomas Hospital to support new medical equipment, Matt Johnson of GPRS -Tennessee was contacted to mark out the reinforcing steel and any conduits within the drilling areas in Nashville, Tennessee. After a thorough GPR investigation was performed, the precise location and depths of the reinforcing steels and any conduit interference were marked directly onto the surface using black marker. The markings gave a clear indication of what lies beneath the surface. During the drilling process, the customer was able to avoid any reinforcing steel or conduits within the slab and maintain the structure’s integrity. The GPR equipment is very portable, and is able to be used on the surface, and walls, and ceilings. Unlike x-ray/gamma ray, Ground Penetrating Radar is time efficient, non-hazardous and able to show real time results. The energy emitted is equivalent to 1% of a cell phone, therefore, the production of the construction site can continue without any radiation hazards. Also, the results are marked directly onto the surface without the need of film development.

Reinforcing Steel and Conduits Located - Nashville, Tennessee

For concrete scanning in Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga or Tri-Cities, please call Matt Johnson at 615.418.4023 / 865.206.7639 or email

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