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Rebar Located Prior To Core Drilling - Nashville, TN

Rebar Located Prior To Core Drilling - Nashville, TN

A general contractor had a project in downtown Nashville Tennessee in an underground parking structure. The scope of work for the general contractor was to core drill numerous holes through multiple beams in the parking structure in order to run a new gas service line to the building above. It was essential during the core drilling process that the reinforcing steel wasn’t compromised in any way. This was important so the structural integrity of the building wasn’t compromised. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Nashville was contacted by the general contractor to perform a GPR investigation of the areas to identify the spacing & location of the rebar. GPRS utilized the Structure Scan Mini to perform the scans. The application used allowed GPRS to locate & mark the rebar pattern in real time. They marked the pattern directly on the surface in a clear manner so everyone involved with the project had complete understanding on the placement of the rebar. GPRS then communicated the findings to the on-site Superintendent to ensure he understood the markings.

GPRS uses safe & cost effective methods to complete GPR scans. They are able to provide real time results for their clients so projects can continue without hesitation. The next time you have a project with a need to see sub surface in the Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga or Memphis areas, please contact Regional Manager, Matt Johnson, at 615.418.4023 or

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