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Private Utilities Located - Nashville, Tennessee

Private Utilities Located - Nashville, Tennessee

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was contacted by an environmental contractor to locate all utilities prior to conducting soil borings at the site of the new Sounds stadium in Nashville, Tennessee. Since one call services will only mark public utilities, this left questions as to what may not have been located throughout the job site. The environmental company did not want to strike any utilities during the soil boring process and therefore contacted GPRS of Tennessee to assist them with their project.

GPRS of Tennessee was able to conduct the scan and locate possible utilities that could have posed problems later. Any unground utilities, pipes or other obstructions that were found were marked on the site with paint. Private utility locating is a common application for GPRS technicians. If you have any questions regarding the use of Ground Penetrating Radar for concrete scanning or underground imaging on your job site in Tennessee, please contact Matt Johnson at 615.418.4023 or

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