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Locating Voids Under Concrete
After Flooding in Nashville, Tennessee

Locating Voids in Nashville, TenesseeOften times after flooding, when the waters recede, the soil under streets or concrete can sink causing an air pocket or void. These voids can cause significant damage. Ground Penetrating Radar is often used to locate voids under various surfaces. During the flooding in Nashville the Opryland Hotel had taken on 10-11 feet of water, damaging the hotel and everything in it. After the flood waters receded there were worries of voids under the foundation. When a local construction company needed to do some drilling they called Ground Penetrating Radar Systems to scan the area for voids before drilling. By using our 400MHz antenna, GPRS was able to determine there were no voids present under the concrete. The company was then able to drill in to the concrete without the worry of causing a dangerous void.

Other services we offer are; Utility location, Rebar Mapping, Post-Tension cable location and more. If GPR services are needed in Tennessee call Dave Schaff at (615) 418-4023 or email at

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