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Locating Reinforcing Steel - Chattanooga, TennesseeLocating Reinforcing Steel In Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Tennessee was recently contracted by a general contractor to assist in locating reinforcing steel in multiple areas within an abandoned building located in downtown Chattanooga. Our customer needed to develop an as-built plan for the structures and need to know the amount of rebar, depth of rebar and spacing of rebar. The technician on site was able to collect all this information and provide our customer with a detailed report to assist with their project. The information provided allowed for our customer to effectively design accurate as-built drawings.

rebar location marked onto wall surface

Concrete radar scanning is the best method of collecting large amount of data. The antenna is attached to a wheeled cart which allows for the quick and accurate collection of data. The data is also displayed on a monitor for our technicians to interpret and map on the surface. Concrete imaging technology that GPRS uses is nondestructive meaning and poses no threat to the structure, the technician or any bystanders. If you would like to learn more about concrete scanning contact your local regional manager at or 423.667.0456.

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