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Locating Precise Location of
Post-Tension Cables in Concrete Slab

Locating Precise Location of  Post-Tension CablesOne of the frequent applications of Ground Penetrating Radar is precise location of Post-Tension Cables in a concrete slab, prior to the core drilling or saw cutting taking place. Before beginning the construction of the new City of Gautier, MS Police Station, they needed to have all the Post-Tension Cables in the concrete slab located. GPRS was able to quickly and accurately locate all the Post-Tension Cables in the concrete slab in order to prevent a cable from being cut and causing potential damage to people and property. Using Ground Penetrating Radar is a safe and accurate alternative to X-Ray that provides instant results and has no radiation.

Other services we offer are; Underground Storage Tank Locating, Utility location, Rebar Locating, Void location and more. If GPR services are needed in Mississippi call Dave Schaff at (615) 418-4023 or email at


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